What is not.phrack.fyi?

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We're not the real phrack nerds, just fans of them. 

Yes the admin of this server believes in free speech. The admin also knows and understands that human species are represented as many colors, shapes, and sizes.  These attributes all make us what we are, which is awesome.

So on that note, No Restrictions (other than invite only, keep reading). Whether youre into hacking, security, programming, or just needing a safe space, welcome home. I prefer to build relationships with others since I'm hosting you so yes, you're welcome.  

Unlike other instances that may randomly inject JavaScript crypto miners or malware into the codebase without informing users, i am hopeful that getting to know me on internet relay chat or across other federated instances you will feel comfortable here should you choose to vacate 

I'm not here to babysit, or really even enforce any rules, we're all people, I should not have to.  However, should rules have to be made, all members will be the creators of those via polls, and not myself or any admin whatsoever.

I don't want to be a popular instance, but if that ever happened, the only thing that would matter to me is that I spoke to each and everyone of you.

Also Phrack magazine is awesome. (Just wanted to get that out there)

Server Location: Luxembourg

Home to 12 users
Who authored 1,118 statuses
Connected to 729 other instances
Contact: N/A
Official Phrack e-zine: http://www.phrack.org
Our IRC server : /server -ssl not.phrack.fyi